Sunday, June 04, 2006

Day Trip

Visited Kakegawa Castle. I hear they are doing some nightly historical drama based there so it was fun to see all the giant buses unload great herds of tourists. We live relatively close so we lean more towards being natives and are allowed to gawk relentlessly at the fancy Tokyo-ites.

The steps up (and down) are cut stone and quite steep. On the way back I blended in (I so did Not blend in) with several women in kimono. It was an awfully hot day. These women were hurtin'. Everyone was whispering nice things about them. But still, they were hurtin. One, a particularly older one, sorta gave up all hope of being demure as she descended the stairs. Our eyes met, her kimono split open to the knee. We exchange looks, a sort of understanding that I'd stand in front of her on the way down. The picture is J (brown shirt) and his buddy S.

Also went to a bird and flower park. Got real friendly with the emus. Both kids and I took one and pretended it was our "protege" or "henchman". This pretty bird is mine. I call him Kappa.

The kid and the husband and a bird. I like the pose the bird is doing.

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