Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kyara Ben

Or Character Bentos.

There are still a few things I get excited about. One is the Japanese obento, lunchbox. Man. They are so much fun. Lots of tasty delicacies and fun to look at as well.

When J was in kindergarten I had a ball. I collected dozens of books and spent upwards of an hour on his lunches. I tried to get creative by cutting sheets of seaweed and making faces on the rice. My level was probably that of the pictures above. That is all edible btw, quail eggs, ham, lotus roots, sliced cheese of course rice.

Ha ha. I remember once for my husband's obento I made two big round heaps of white rice and then added two pieces of red pickled plum on top...boobs. It had me in hysterics. I just wish I had been there to see his face that day at lunch. Unfortunately, because of stunts like that, my family no longer encourages my bento creations.

But they're crap out of luck! I saw a great TV show last night and I think I might start back up because the bar has been raised. These are the Kyara Ben of the future.

Look at this!

And this!

Imagine getting something like this in your lunch. Makes me weep over my ham sandwich and Little Debbie snack days. I remember thinking I was cool when I finally convinced my mother to stop filling my thermos with Kool Aide and just wrap a can of coke in tinfoil.

I am stunned at all the sites relating to kyara ben. Here's a daily blog from a lady who does all the Pokemon. Wow. This link has tons of pictures.


*EDIT* There, They're, Their. Thanks Imomo!! I'm sure this thing is littered with such horrors.