Thursday, September 13, 2007

Favorite Commercial

Several weeks ago Frank Baron made a post about the Clio Awards -- awards for the year's best television commercials. He shared his favorite. And this made me think of the commercial that makes me smile these days.

It took me awhile to find it, and I still can't embed it in this post (no super powers here). However, I finally found a link. But first, the set up.

It's extremely short. A school play. I'm no good with kids' ages but I'm guessing like first grade or something. The play is of some underwater scene (Urashima Taro?). You can briefly see the fish, turtles -- all giving embarrassingly lackluster performances. In the audience stand a couple of proud parents videoing taping their little boy. The boy isn't the hero of the story or a fish or even a turtle. He's seaweed. But he's the best damned seaweed you ever did see. I love this commercial. Although I admit the first few times I saw it I thought he was a pea pod. Shame my Western mind.