Saturday, September 06, 2008

Busted! Busted!! and Best Eraser in the World!

That's a lot of exclamation points, yo.

Sorry, I've been away. A month or so ago I listened to an interview with David Simon or Ed Burns about their series The Wire. Being the impulsive buyer that I am, I went and ordered all five seasons. And yo, man, I am totally addicted (not unlike Bubbles and Johnny to their junk), yo.
So there might be a lot of 'yos' in here, yo? [*Note: no one is allowed to mention anything past season one. I'm not there yet.]


Today I watched a taxi pull up in front of our house, an old, angry woman get out and walk straight up to our door. I said, "I ain't answerin' it!" And thank goodness I didn't. It was our neighbor lady, sorta behind and in back of us, but her house is smack up against our fence. She was PO'd because we had some weeds from the tiny area between our house and our fence that were like threatening to devour her clothesline. Man, I felt bad. I don't even look out the windows on that side, yo. To make me feel worse I had lectured my family about Weed Duty just last week and was really planning on doing it tomorrow. Like she'd believe me. But we went right out and fixed it all up nice and pretty, braving crickets, mosquitos and spiders the size of my hand. While we worked she was out hanging her husband's boxer shorts on the line laughing like a woman possessed. Kinda creepy. And why did she take a taxi?


Later when we went shopping for groceries, I saw an old (like, in her eighties, yo!) woman get busted for shop lifting. It was so cool. I mean, just to watch it go down. I felt sorry for her, kinda. The security guard had called over a cop and they confronted her. She had a big purse in her cart and was slipping stuff in there. I was like poor old thing living on a pension, probably has a couple ungrateful kids that don't even come to visit, probably don't even call. But then I positioned myself near the tomatoes (to get a better eyeball, yo.--I learn so much from The Wire--). And I noticed she was stealing the good stuff. Like the ten-bucks-a-bunch grapes that I've never had the guts (nor the financial means) to buy! They had her in bracelets like, yo!

Best Eraser in the World!

J said he needed a new eraser for school. So his dad got him one of these.

It's an electric eraser. You push the white button and the little eraser head spins at an impressive speed and makes the satisfying (if not slightly anxiety-inducing) sound of a dentist drill. It erases real good, yo. J did three hours of homework and I suspect was making mistakes on purpose because there was a pile of eraser crud on the table when he was done. But boy was he happy.

And yes. Later I did try it on my teeth to see if