Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Summer Vacation So Far and the Magician

We had a couple festivals this past Saturday. The first one was for the school. There I sat at a table for six hours and said, "So what grade are you in?" ... "Yea? Well, go stand over there then!"

Afterwards, I hurried home, brushed my hair, ate a rice ball and rushed off to the next festival. The night one. The one that sold beer and fireworks. Here are couple of pictures. You can see the big drum on top of the stand...the paper lanterns. Ala Karate Kid Ⅱ. 

What ever happened to the Spirograph? I'll spend a few hours at that link.

So as far as summer vacation goes...the mystery egg(s) were eaten by the dog the first night. Homework is coming along...slowly. Four books have been read, two of them are Tarot books. Yep. J has a new infatuation. The Tarot. I was a little older when I got into it. It is quite cute though. He placed crystals on the cards, wrapped them in white silk (cotton handkerchief) and slept with them under his pillow. The first night he told me..."Mom when I wake up I will be a magician!" He's already read my fortune twice, his friends several times, and the cats once each. It seems one of the cats doesn't work hard enough.

And also, before I forget, I sold another story! Excited about that. I'll give more details when I find out myself. This is the first time I'll be sent the galley before they publish it. Cool.