Thursday, August 24, 2006

Food Mistakes

I'm slowly slipping into my American mode. There have been several clues. Sometimes the clues are quite subtle and painless, sometimes ... not so.

Yesterday I went to the store. There, I saw a package (below). Ooh, is that pretty, I thought to myself. And look what it IS! I read the package, correctly, but my brain didn't register that.

You see, I just saw that nifty picture and thought FUNYUNS!

I haven't eaten a Funyun in many, many years, so I tossed the bag into my basket. After I got home I used all the will power I could muster not to just open them and eat them all then and there. In fact, I went the entire day and had dinner before I plucked them from their hiding place and decided to partake.

You don't even have to be able to read Japanese to see that the picture on the bag is of a pair of grilling squid. And I knew that. It's like when you order something that looks just like onion rings in a store, you invariably get squid rings. And while I don't dislike them at all, my mind just wasn't in the correct place. My mouth was screaming for a garlic powdery, build-up-in-your-molars treat. And I got squid. The chip itself was rather airy but there were actual hard chunks in it and I think I may have chipped a tooth.

The good news is I rubber banded the bag after two and left it on the table. This morning all but that one lone guy (in the picture) disappeared.