Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Photo Shoot

At work my husband and his team are developing a smart phone for the elderly. It has been getting pretty good press, called Raku Raku Smart Phone. So the thing is he came home the other day and said he was elected to bring in a photo to use on the phone as an example of something or other. It will be a default on all the phones. So we picked several photos for the Big Bosses to choose from, scenery, flowers, our trip to Hawaii. But we also added some of our ham. 

I present you with some of the photo shoot. These are the pictures that we didn't choose to hand over. The warming up, if you will. 

Okay, Cha, give me 'cute puppy'.

Good, good. 

Now give me 'pensive'.


How about 'thoughtful'?


Can you do 'gangsta'?

Good boy!

Betcha can't do 'coy'. 

You're on fire!

Oh, no! is that an alien space craft landing? 
Can I have some 'worried'?

Have you done this before?

Here's a hard one. How about 'cool cat'?

Yes! Yes! 

Now let's see some 'sexy'.

Lassie eat your heart out!

There were a lot more photos. Better ones. No idea if they'll choose him or the shot of my roses. But if they do choose the mutt I've got this sneaking suspicion they'll be no living with him.

I'll have the steak tartare tonight, doggy biscuit on the side. Thank you.