Saturday, December 05, 2009


Now here's a good idea for a Christmas gift.

A fundoshi is a Japanese loincloth, sort of traditional underwear for men. However, nowadays they're mostly worn at festivals. You have a festival and you have every red-blooded male in the vicinity come out wearing his fundoshi.

Look, here are some happy fellows enjoying theirs. These are white ones, but you also see a lot of red fundoshis. Nothing fancy.

When J was in karate his teacher kept promising (threatening?) the boys that in the summer they were required to train in only a fundoshi. Boy, you should have seen J's face.
So a fundoshi is kind of a dude thing. Or so I thought. Today I discovered that about a year ago a company called Une Nana Cool decided to do something about that. They made Nanafun, a fundoshi just for women. With tops! For only something like $13 bucks you can get this:

Really cute.

I guess they're selling like crazy. Unfortunately, I can't think of anyone to buy for. Somehow I don't think my mother would be too impressed.

And just in case you aren't convinced...a little video about the new craze.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Still Here

I'm still here. Unfortunately, I'm failing miserably in time management. And now here it is the end of the year and things are really getting busy. I'm going to start posting more regularly, I promise--and visit all my friends' blogs

But for today I wanted to share a glittery new drink with an intriguing name: Love Mode Ginger. Zero.