Friday, December 15, 2006

Bird Flu

I assumed it was the bird flu that I had picked up from the flight. All coughy and wheezy and phlegmy. I come in and ask my parents for meds. Here you go, try this. Baytussin, cough formula, sure.

Two days of taking it and I don't feel any better. As a matter of fact, I'm dizzy half the time, feeling a bit funky.

Let's take a closer look at that bottle.

It is oddly reassuring to discover this habit of being unable to throw away medicine (foods...anything!) after even twenty years is inherited.

Also: I got my hair cut and on a whim, permed. I've only had my hair permed twice in my life and both times it has just exploded to gawdawful proportions.

This time too.

I get home and ask J what he thinks. After a few minutes recovering from a mild shock, he says, Mom, you got a fro! On further prodding he mumbles, Why can't I get a fro? It seems 'fros' are cool in the fifth grade back home.

Oh, it looks bad now but I know from experience that it will be rock'n'roll cool in about six months to a year. Just you wait and see.

I look not unlike Howard Stern; who, by the way, could have so easily been a Ramone I think. He could have been Joey's brother. Howie Ramone.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


He'll kill me if he sees I posted this. But I promised his teacher I would. These are the girls on the block he used to play with all the time. They came and caroled us.

This, however, is his more usual company.

T's bewilderment for the day: Rudoph's got a girlfriend?!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Vermonty Python

Today's picture. Shopping on base. We found some Ben and Jerry's, Vermonty Python. It has little chocolate cows in it. Yum! J's grandma and great grandma are standing back there very nervous and yelling, what are you guys doing?!

kyou no shashin wa kaimono chu no shashin desu. obaachan to hiobaachan ga ushiro ni imasu.

T's reverse culture shock moment of the day: So much frosted hair!