Monday, December 11, 2006

Vermonty Python

Today's picture. Shopping on base. We found some Ben and Jerry's, Vermonty Python. It has little chocolate cows in it. Yum! J's grandma and great grandma are standing back there very nervous and yelling, what are you guys doing?!

kyou no shashin wa kaimono chu no shashin desu. obaachan to hiobaachan ga ushiro ni imasu.

T's reverse culture shock moment of the day: So much frosted hair!


Bk30 said...

LoL, I 've missed you! Glad that you get to be home around the holidays..hope it isn't to much for J :)


Kappa no He said...

Yay! I've missed you too! I was checking in during your radio silence, lol. I'll go visit now.

Dial up is just horrid, btw. My father says he'll never go high speed. Why?! I ask.

Julyan is having a b-b-b-blast! All that grandma cooked food. Took a bunch of pics yesterday of one of her Christmas bashes. I'll post them later today.

Anonymous said...

Tell your dad that we switched to DSL when Verizon cut their prices to $15/mo. That meant we could change our phone service from unlimited dial-up to 5 cents/call, get DSL and still pay less than we were before because we use skype when we can and then charge our pre-paid cell phones or 10-10 numbers for the long distance we can't do over the internet. They hooked us, though. We'll never go back to narrowband now.

Kappa no He said...

I keep telling him that he'll never go back. He refuses to listen. The man, bless his heart, sits here for forty minutes to an hour waiting to watch 30 second youtube videos. I am still trying to get to WHY he won't switch. I think it has less to do with money than him thinking it is more dangerous...??

Julia Temlyn said...

Little chocolate cows in the Vermonty Python ice cream? Priceless!