Saturday, December 09, 2006

Leaving on a Jet Plane...

Julyan's Message:

kyou wa hikoukini norimasita.

asa itumo douri okite, 8jihan ni eki ni shuppatsu. shinkansen ha 10ji gurai norimashita. narita kuukou tsuita toki ha ohiru kurai no jikan deshita. nimotsu wo tottari, chiketto wo tottari shinagara ohiru wo tabemashita. hikouki ni notta no ha 5ji kurai deshita. hikouki ha 12 jikan tobimashita. sorekara Housten no norikae no hikouki ni nijikan kurai norimashita. Omaha ni tsuita no ha yuugata no 4ji deshita. nihon no jikan ni iu to yokujitu no gozen 8ji.

kono shashin ha 12jikan no hikouki no naka no toki no shashin desu. terebi wo minagara gohan wo tabeteimasu.

kono shashin ha amerika ni tsuite kara amerika no ojiichan/obaachan ga katteiru inu to no shashin desu. inu no namae ha Dusty desu. Husky desu. Kakkooi desu.

Terrie's Message:

I don't fly a lot. A little. But when I do, I take long flights. I couldn't help thinking on this most recent trip, why aren't there more knock-down-drag-outs on airplanes? Looking back, I've only seen one real fight on a plane. It was a good one, though, with a huge man involved and screaming women and pilots and co pilots coming out to try and calm things down. I really feared for my safety that time.

On this one though, I just sat back and watched as at least a dozen skiffs ensued: elderly man refusing to move from isle, crying toddler pulling hair of man in front of him, elderly woman sitting in isle seat she apparently asked for only to find out that someone else had that seat (that one threatened to be bloody). I think it really says something about humanity in general that we can cram ourselves into almost torturous conditions, eat lasagna and icecream for breakfast, and watch as the lads in first class drink wine from crystal glasses and not kill each other.

Okay, time for Mexican food. I'm gone!


Anonymous said...

Omaha-shi wa samui desu ne. Watashi no haha wa Iowa-shu ni imasu. Ima wa mainusu 5 do. Haha mo husky no inu ga arimasu.
If you're going to be there through Christmas, let me know. We will be there from about Christmas through New Year's if Sachiko doesn't have a job interview.

Kappa no He said...

Yes, we are!