Sunday, December 03, 2006


Caught the film Capote last Friday. I thought this was a brand new movie, was only a little surprised to learn it was released in in 2005 and had won various awards and that I (once again) knew none of this.
I quite enjoyed the movie though. Much more than I expected even. Years ago I picked up a battered copy of In Cold Blood. It's going to be my Airplane Book. I'm excited about that.
So I'm reeling all day long and into the next day, a Saturday. And then into Saturday night. I also happened to have a wedding party to go to that evening. And what happened there explains why I shouldn't be let out much.
The party was wonderful, beautiful marvelous! The Bride and Groom both stunning and adorable at the same time. The seating arrangement was as follows:
Long tables up and down the room. The one I sat at was divided into two very distinctive groups. On one side you have six, black-suited, white-tied, well-behaved young men -- all friends of the groom. On my side, the Other side, is a gaggle of five foreigner types (Chinese, Indonesian, Filipino, American, and Brazilian). We're funny, we're happy, we're popping jokes and snarfing the yummy food. We're in the zone as they say.
At one point early in the evening the bride and groom introduce all the guests to well, all the other guests. I am shocked and dismayed and even fascinated to discover one of those black-suited young men looks exactly like Perry from Capote. (breath, breath, breath!).
Now, the problem is those six guys are having Nothing to do with our rowdy (and I don't think we were that rowdy...we were 'funny', heck I'm practically the only one drinking) bunch. I spend most of the evening trying to be charming, to at least make eye contact so I can tell this fellow he reminds me of someone else. This is a task much harder than it sounds.

By the end of the night, nothing, nada, not so much as a brief glimpse of those Perry-um...Clifton Collins Jr's-... um strange Japanese guy's eyes. And that is despite five beers and one passion fruit speciality cocktail and all the charisma I can muster. I almost give up. Almost.
There is one more speech a couple games of rock/paper/scissors and next thing I know they say, it's over, have a nice night! The six dudes stand up and saunter out in one big unit. Shit!
I manage to say my goodbyes to those at my side of the table and get behind them in line. Bow to the bride and groom say something appropriate, grab my coat and then burst into their little parting huddle.
Excuse me...
A communal HUH?!
I saw a movie yesterday.
A communal WTF!?
And this guy (I gently tug on his sleeve, bat my eyes) looks just like one of the main characters, (a pause for effect) ... the killer.
They burst into peals of laughter. One says, What?

Then I tell them the whole story about how I have this 'condition'. I often confuse fantasy with reality and because of this delusional nature of mine, I just had to talk to stranger-dude and let him know he has a Mexican-American almost-twin out there who is damn fine actor and hot to boot! We all talk for about fifteen minutes with said hot dude blushing furiously. I suggest he quit his day job and start to act. He blushes more. I squeal and say, 'Look there he goes!' He says, 'But I'm not acting!' I continue to explain, 'See! That is just like the fellow in the movie, he is shy and brooding, a little sad, but in the end (I nod my head, make my eyes go real big) HE'S the one who did it!" His friends roar again and tell me their buddy is the exact same way, ho ho ho! Ha ha ha! They ask again several times what the movie was and where can they see it (it is not playing at a regular theater) and I tell them. None of them have ever heard or it and my pronunciation of CA PO CHI must have really stunk. But I know everyone here knows Breakfast at Tiffany's, so I start there and explain.

(Ahhh, dark haired Perry...)

This blog is gonna split for a bit. We are leaving on a jet plane (yep, the song just got stuck in MY head too) today... in an hour it looks like. J's gonna do a mini blog on here for his teacher and class. A kinda what he's doing/experiencing/eating/ in the US of A. Then I'll have at it in my own way.

As they say in Japan: Doki Doki Waku Waku!

Now I got to go and wake the child up!

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Anonymous said...

This is me commenting to me.

I'm here in Omaha fighting dial up, a foreign keyboard, and the fact that I cannot sign in to any of my accounts -- this here blogspot one or myspace. Which certainly makes me unhappy.

I'm also battling some bird flu shit I picked up from a lady on the plane, jetlag, and a missing delete button.

The good news far outweighs all that though, deep dish pizza, a real bed to sleep in and cold beer in bottles. Yum Yum!

Will work more on this later. Must pick up my grandmother and shop.

--the seriously misplaced and flailing ... terrie--