Friday, March 27, 2009

Mystery Box

Yesterday afternoon a postal worker I had never seen before showed up at my door with a mystery box. I signed and checked the return one I knew. Not even a name, just some mystery address. The box was quite heavy with all sorts of customs forms plastered all over it.


I grabbed the scissors and cut off all the tape, opened the box. Then it hit me. This could be a bomb. I considered briefly who might want to blow me up.

After placing it gently on the floor I sent in my bomb sniffing dog. He checked the paper.

He checked the lid.

A few minutes later he then gave me the All Clear signal, a kind of sad no-doggy-jerkies-in-this-one look.

I flung the paper to the floor and this is what I found!

My book!

A whole bunch of them.

I am totally stoked. I think at that moment I realized I hadn't been dreaming the last twelve months. The release date is May first, so I really wasn't expecting them so soon. I checked Amazon and saw that instead of a May 1 publish date it reads 'in stock'. Could it be?

For those who don't know, A Robe of Feathers and Other Stories is a collection of 17 short stories. Every story is set in Japan and involves Japanese superstition and folklore as well as a creepy mythical creature or two...or more.

Here's a blurb I received:

"A delightfully insightful collection illuminating the place where reality falters and slips into the strange and fantastical."
There's more description on the Amazon site. Or, hey, if you really want to have fun go to Amazon and search "A Robe of Feathers". I'll be number one but the third hit will take all the sales away from me (maybe SNFW). So, yeah, whatever you do, don't do that.