Thursday, April 22, 2010

Doggy Raincoat

I think my dog is depressed. It's been raining like mad and we can't go for any decent walks. I've shopped for doggy raincoats, but they're like three hundred bucks. Or more.

And getting wet dog smell out of the carpet is no fun at all, so today we improvised.

Garbage bag. Tape.

At first he was a tad leery.

Then he posed nicely. I could get used to this. Maybe. As long as you keep feeding me those doggy treats.

Realizing he was actually going to get to go for a walky his attitude changed completely. Stop taking pictures already, let's go!

Come on, I can't stand it. I gotta pee!

A complete success! Except for the soaking wet doggy feet.

Next week: doggy galoshes.