Sunday, July 11, 2010

He's Not an Octopus, but...

He's not an octopus named Paul, but he's ready to try his hand at this predicting thing.

"Hey, if a cephalopod mollusc with eight sucker-bearing arms can do it..."

"Guten tag. Mein nahme isst Paul!"

*waving tentacle*

First we prepared two of Cha the Beagle's favorite snacks along with two placards labeled Spain and Netherlands.

I carefully placed one doggy snack under each card. And knowing this could all go horribly wrong, I also added a firm and constant stream of, "Stay! Stay! Stay! Don't think about it. Stay!"

Cha the Beagle stayed admirably (but just barely).

And then I said, "Go!"

It was like lightening from a bottle. I snapped the shutter but not before he snapped the snack and disappeared. Closer inspection shows that he snagged the treat under the Netherlands. Therefore, sealing his prediction for tonight's game.

Cha let's pose with your yummy and the card.

"Trying to eat here. Go get yer own damned snack."

And there you have it, Cha the Beagle's prediction is the Netherlands by a nose. We've got about nine hours to see if it comes true. If it does there will be much celebration and I'll be carrying him down to the lottery to sniff some tickets.

If not...he's paella, baby.