Saturday, August 16, 2008

Heavenly Pudding

I found this the other day.

It's an eight dollar tube of something that looks like...perfectly round eggs.

So, I bought it.

It turns out it is something called Bocca Pudding. Inside every tube there are four puddings along with four packages of caramel sauce. Each pudding is wrapped in what looks like a thin balloon.

It takes a mere prick from a toothpick or knife to send that tightly stretched shell fleeing and releasing the relatively round deliciousness inside.

A little caramel sauce and a spoon and voila! The best pudding I've ever eaten in my life. It seems to have won some award in Hokkaido, too. It has the consistancy of whipped butter and probably four times as many calories. But, OMG, is it amazing.

And if you think eight bucks is pricey for a couple of desserts, just remember it comes with a sheet of cow stickers...the cows it seems are all enjoying a little posing with Bocca Puddings of their own.

They have green tea flavored, too!