Saturday, May 09, 2009

Angel Feathers!

Wow. Two weeks down and one to go. The last half of visits home invariably become this slippery slide of insane busy -- meeting people, eating good food, and last minute shopping for everything I can't buy in Japan and may be able to squeeze into my suitcase. 

Today is my first ever book signing at 13:00 at The Bookworm in Omaha. There will be green tea, Japanese snacks, and a funky gift give away. Oh, and my mother and father have instructed me to tell you all that there will be free, genuine angel feathers (to be used as book marks) while supplies last. They are really excited about this feather business. 

Oh, also last week there was an article in the Omaha World Herald. And yes, worst picture ever. And no, no, whatever you don't go just to giggle at the picture. Read the article selectively ignoring the photo.  Thank you.  Diet begins when I get back to Japan. 

Okay, now I need to go make a vat of green tea. Hope to see you there!