Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Devils are Coming!

So yesterday the devils came down from the mountains and tried to get in our house. I took care of them with a couple handfuls of heated soy beans.

※Took out the video. It was the only thing that worked.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Two Skewed Movie Reviews

Friday I went to see The Departed. That is after my Starbucks Friend said something similar (but a lot more articulate) to this:
"The Departed, woa, good, man, Boston, but the ending, woa, I'd see it again, yea, violent, guns, I'd see it again. Woa."

Yep, it was great. As a matter of fact, I was very impressed. I kept thinking where did this story come from? A book? Pulled out of some script writer's head? Two minutes on the Internet and I found the name of the script writer. He was briefly a god in my eyes. Then I paid attention to the TV which just happened to be doing about show about movies. They mentioned that The Departed is actually based on a Hong Kong movie, Infernal Affairs. *sigh* It's still great. But now I have to go and watch the originals and tell you what I think.

Then on Sunday I went to see the Japanese movie Dororo, which is based on Tezuka's manga. Basically, a samurai named Kagemitsu Daigo promises 48 parts of his unborn child to these demons in exchange for becoming unbeatable in any battle. Child born a cute little lump of flesh and sent down the river ala Moses. A man named Jukai finds him and nurses him to health and with a bit of magickry and some prosthetics the boy he names Hyakkimaru grows big and strong. Jukai dies, Hyakkimaru goes out and battles demons. Each time he wins a fight he gets one of his body parts back. It is so cool.

CRAP! Please keep in mind I've been away from the States for a looong time. But I just now realized that Marky Mark whom I hated so much is also...
Mark Walhberg, here looking particularly fine.