Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Devils are Coming!

So yesterday the devils came down from the mountains and tried to get in our house. I took care of them with a couple handfuls of heated soy beans.

※Took out the video. It was the only thing that worked.


Anonymous said...

#1 Buckshot works best against household demons. Best diameter vs number of pellets. People who say 00 Buck is the best haven't looked at the math and gel penetration photos. Soy beans pretty much don't even penetrate the skin. Might as well use salt. Coarse, kosher, salt. Or sea salt. But not French sea salt.
Momo convinced me to go to Dreamgirls last afternoon, and it was OK. The bit of the blues guy right at the beginning was very good, and the whining wail in the middle was very good, although the critics said that she wasn't as good as the Broadway version singer. A pleasant movie, by me. I'm sure you'd think the same, although your husband would notice the plagiarism on most of the songs, and complain to his wife about it.
You both will enjoy it and enjoy complaining about it to each other.
We both enjoyed it, and pretty much ignored each other's opinions about it, so it wa a good show.

Anonymous said...

Momo's heart teat came back as normal. Japanese ARE different!!

Bk30 said...

K lame American needs translation...was this a festival of sorts? and as I couldn't see the child behind the mask..was that J? I thought he was taller...

Kappa no He said...

Imomo: Buckshot...I'll have to remember that one. I actually do want to see Dreamgirls btw. I imagine its the kind of movie I wouldn't even mind who they ripped off. I suppose we'll make a game of it. Also, so glad to hear that momo is fine!

BK: Yea, I was going to do a blog on what it was and the meaning and all that but never got time. Oh, and you have to step up into Japanese houses so we're videoing it from a good foot and a half or so above him so he looks shorter lol. I had a good 'blooper' video of him coming in with his mask off but I couldn't get it to upload on youtube right.

jean said...

Fun! I never really knew what one was supposed to do on Feb. 3. Now I do!

Kappa no He said...

Bean your child with beans. I love Japan!

Note: Usually the dads are supposed to do the honors. But he refused to get in front of the camera and I had a bit of stress to work out anyways.