Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ninja Food

When a cowboy is feeling peckish, he reaches for his bag of chips.

"That'll be the day!"

But what do our Far Eastern assassins of the night go for?

Why, the ninja snack Fuwa Maru of course!

Shaped like a ninja weapon it is said to disappear softly into you mouth--not unlike a ninja disappearing softly into the night? It's a corn chip, sorta.

There is a salt-flavored type, but I coudn't find that one. This is the peppery version.

It does indeed taste unlike any corn chip I've ever eaten. It tastes...stealth-y.

These babies are thanks to the company Tohato, btw. I wonder if they're sold anywhere else.

Oh, and if the idea of a ninja snack food doesn't entice you, here's their commercial (I think someone held a mobile phone up to the TV to record it, but you get the idea--ninja running, eating snack, disappearing into a stream of smoke.)