Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I finally found one!

Okay, Koji Suzuki -- the horror author of Ring, Spiral, and Loop to name a few -- has just come out with a new tale called "Drop". It's a horror story printed on toilet paper. It's a horror story about a public toilet. It's a horror story to be read while sitting on the, you guessed it, toilet.

I know, this has probably been blogged to death, but I wanted to wait until I actually got my hands on a, um, copy before I mentioned it.

First, here's my sexy model posing with the role of toilet paper.

A role cost about 210 yen, not quite two bucks with the current exchange rate.

Also, I was reading around on English sites about this and wanted to say it's NOT a novel. It's NOT a novella. It's a short story. A very short story. Probably flash fiction if I wanted to sit down and count up the characters. And it's printed over and over. The story is divided into nine parts which more or less fit on a square of toilet paper.

What I found curious was that he chose to write it in the second person, addressing me as the reader. Interesting. And Mr. Suzuki even goes as far as to guess my age and gender -- a twenty something female. Boy, he hit that one right on the head!

Time for another picture. Dog covered in toilet paper. Sleepy, not necessarily happy about the photo shoot.

The story is scary though for various reasons, but I won't post any spoilers. I imagine an English version could come out eventually.

Another Cha pic. Dog fading fast ... about to .... drop.

Ha, ha, ha, had to end on a pun.