Saturday, November 01, 2008

Praying for the Needles and the Chickens

Kuyou is a Japanese word that means to hold a mass or ceremony, to pray for something. There are all sorts of kuyous going on throughout the year.

When I first moved here like fifteen years ago I freaked out when several old women came to my door with a plate of tofu and asked me to insert any old, bent, or broken pins or needles I had. They said they were taking them all to the local shrine to be prayed for.

Yomiuri Online had a great picture of what the tofu looks like after quite a few contributions.

Unfortunately, I am not exactly sure how to use a needle or pin so I couldn't take part in the festival.

And then several years ago I heard about another type of kuyou but could never find anything about it on the Internet. Today I came across this.


Once a year in Japan there is a special Shinto ceremony held to offer thanks and appreciation to all the chickens that will be killed to make that KFC goodness.

It's called Thanks to the Broiler Chickens!