Tuesday, April 28, 2009


No one can ever accuse me of good timing.

About eight years ago I flew back to the States within two weeks of the 9-11 disaster. Last time there was an enormous blizzard that wiped out half the mid west. And this time I arrive only to wake up the next morning to find everyone excited about this Swine Flu. The Pandemic Level has been raised to 4 and my dad says airports are closed at 6. Which means we are either going to have a very looong visit here or a very short one. *sigh*

Just my luck. First ever book signing and plans to meet my agent and they might be quashed due to this fellow.

An aside: I was out shopping and saw this coloring book. Now why didn't they have this when I was in Catholic school? It might have livened up things a little.

[I really want to visit everyone's blogs. Right now there are three of us vying for this computer. One of those people is a thirteen-year old yearning to chat with some girl in his class back home. You can imagine. I won't go into how slow my father's computer is.]