Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Problem with Japan...

Sorry. I gotta tell the truth here.

It's the beginning of the year and after a month of eating the most wonderful foods and really feeling it, I decided to start the year off right and eat well, eat less, exercise more. All that.

Yesterday I went to the store and found racks upon racks upon racks of these:

They are already out for Valentine's Day.

Imported from around the world or made right here in Japan. These puppies in the pictures are from Ginza.

High-end. Dark, milk, white.


It seems there's always a reason to celebrate, to eat. After Valentine's Day will come White Day, then all the fancy rice cakes for the spring equinox, next you have summer with all its ice cream and snow cones and other appetite-inducing foods. Oh, don't get me started on autumn. That's the harvest, not to mention you've got another equinox and a moon viewing. And then comes winter with its nabemono followed by Christmas and all that New Year's oseshi and we're right back to spring again.
The problem with Japan is everything tastes so damn good!