Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dumb Dog

Why my dog isn't exactly as stupid as he looks. Almost...but not quite. Meet Cha-Cha the Destroyer.

He has learned to open the door of the living room (the room he's allowed to be in) and escape while I am out. The first few times he was amazingly smart about it. You see, he still has not let on that he can get "down" the stairs. When we are around he whines and wimpers until someone carries him down.

So at first when I'd come back from say the store, I'd find the door open and him there wagging his bouncy little tail. How did you get out boy? Oh, look he was a good dog, didn't eat anything! Woa, goood boy! Good Boy!

What he did, however, was get out, go upstairs, slightly chew a slipper, and then before it got too bad he would get something else and slightly chew that. He then proceeded to make his way downstairs (the liar!). He left the evidence which always made me scratch my head. But hey, Cha-Cha can't get downstairs by himself. Hmm, must have been the kid or something.

Then came today. I was out for a while. Same routine, came in to find him all waggly and happy to see me. No mess, good dog, goood dooog!

Then I went upstairs.

But amazingly despite the destruction, even immediately beside the destruction ... were my books, all of them unscathed. All I could think is that is one smart dog.