Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Yum Yum Yum and Sick Sick Sick

Yum Yum Yum!

Kyou kore tabemashita. Kore ga ni nin mae desu. Shinjiraremasu ka? Ato, yoku miru to gomi bako no futa no ue ni tabemono ga noteimasu. Oishikatta desu!!

Julyan yori.

Sick Sick Sick!

There are a good number of things I can't buy in Japan -- clothes, shoes, those expolding biscuit packages, deoderant, and books/magazines written in the English language. I don't mind so much wearing one pair of tennies for two years or smelling like the botom of a garbage can but the inablitily to browse racks and racks of reading material really hurts. Oh, sure, if I drive to the next town and shell out fifteen bucks, I can procure the latest Newsweek or Rolling Stone, but not much else. Amazon has helped greatly, but only in the book department. I still can't get junky mags.

So I've been collecting these the past few weeks. And the good news is I'm gonna bring them all home to pass out amoung my like-minded literary friends. You see, the line between high brow and low brow fades when your as desperate as we are, it's all pretty much good reading. I wonder if anyone has ever said that about The Star before?

You don't want to see the collection of books.