Monday, January 18, 2010

Scary Story

When I was a kid I collected Charlie's Angels trading cards. Cards like these. I had a killer Kelly card. All my friends wanted it and I was briefly popular until someone talked me into trading it for a Cheryl Ladd. I still regret that.

I've always suspected that companies still make and sell trading cards -- ones for baseball players and Pokemon characters -- although I've never actually seen any recently.

That is until the other day when while trying to locate a specific flavored gummi for my son I came across this:

It's a Super-Scary Story Trading Card.

Japanese people love scary stories. And this is further proof. For one hundred yen you can buy a Super Scary Story Trading Card, open it to find this scary story.

This one is about a haunted street crossing. The "card" is folded and sealed. So you read most of the story like this but to get to the dynamic, super-scary ending you have to tear this open to reveal...


I think I might collect a few more.

Also, you can't have a true trading card unless you have the perfectly unchewable...gum!