Saturday, April 28, 2007


A month ago I searched Youtube for my city, Yaizu, and got nothing. Today I got all sorts of hits. Nothing too good.

But this was kind of summed it up (only a few seconds long):

Maybe this is why my friend swears that my town smells.

Half of me really-really likes fish and would like to keep them alive. Half of me grew up on various coasts and has a love for dirty old ports, barnacled ships, and fresh seafood.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Sometimes I think the people in marketing haven't a clue. This is a new soft drink from Suntory, Bingo Bongo.

In Japan adults rarely drink carbonated, sweet beverages. I would think they'd want to grab kids elementary school-aged on up for something like this. My sixth grader drank this once and found it pretty good, until he saw this commercial. He was 'grossed out' and won't touch the stuff anymore. Ha ha. Then again, maybe they do have a clue. Kids don't need to be drinking this stuff anyways.

BTW, the chick in the yellow bikini states, "I have an I cup." To which it is sung, "And then blood squirts out my nose."

Okay, after further examination of the homepage. It seems this is a drink for high schoolers (boys, evidently). Bikini Chick repeatedly encourages them to study hard, and drink Bingo Bongo.