Sunday, January 28, 2007

Two Skewed Movie Reviews

Friday I went to see The Departed. That is after my Starbucks Friend said something similar (but a lot more articulate) to this:
"The Departed, woa, good, man, Boston, but the ending, woa, I'd see it again, yea, violent, guns, I'd see it again. Woa."

Yep, it was great. As a matter of fact, I was very impressed. I kept thinking where did this story come from? A book? Pulled out of some script writer's head? Two minutes on the Internet and I found the name of the script writer. He was briefly a god in my eyes. Then I paid attention to the TV which just happened to be doing about show about movies. They mentioned that The Departed is actually based on a Hong Kong movie, Infernal Affairs. *sigh* It's still great. But now I have to go and watch the originals and tell you what I think.

Then on Sunday I went to see the Japanese movie Dororo, which is based on Tezuka's manga. Basically, a samurai named Kagemitsu Daigo promises 48 parts of his unborn child to these demons in exchange for becoming unbeatable in any battle. Child born a cute little lump of flesh and sent down the river ala Moses. A man named Jukai finds him and nurses him to health and with a bit of magickry and some prosthetics the boy he names Hyakkimaru grows big and strong. Jukai dies, Hyakkimaru goes out and battles demons. Each time he wins a fight he gets one of his body parts back. It is so cool.

CRAP! Please keep in mind I've been away from the States for a looong time. But I just now realized that Marky Mark whom I hated so much is also...
Mark Walhberg, here looking particularly fine.


Bk30 said...

LOL, Kappa..there is a differance between being out of the states..and under a rock! rofl. I know sad isn't it that one I spent my teen years dispizing, turn into to such a looker..and not a bad actor either. LOL

Kappa no He said...

I swear the moment I realized that every ounce of blood drained from my face and I toppled over.

Sadly, you're right it isn't an excuse. The guy who recomended the movie has been here as long as I have and HE knew. And he also got a hearty laugh that I didn't.


Anonymous said...

I hadn't seen a movie for months until yesterday when I took momo to the doctor for a useless, but malpractice-insurance-required, heart exam that involved treadmills, radioactive tracers, and sci-fi quality body scanners. During the 3-hours of the test, they showed DVD's in the waiting room. I got to see "Eight Below" and I almost cried. Eight beautiful huskies abandoned in the antarctic for almost 6 months. The humans in the show all suck, and are portrayed by actors who also suck, but the doggies are wonderful. If you want to pretend you are 12 years old, this is the movie to watch.
If it makes you feel better, not only did I have to look up Marky Mark, but I wasn't even sure about New Kids on the Block. I thought that might have been some kind of hoax group, like Spinal Tap.

Kappa no He said...

You mean New Kids on the Block wasn't a hoax group?

See, I got a thing against movies that are designed to make you cry. I don't care how true they are. Hence, I'm probably not going to see "The Pursuit of Happiness". I would so go overboard and most likely hunt down the real men that did that and waste them -- ironically enough, not unlike a lot of the characters in "The Departed".

Anonymous said...

Calm down. The real story of "The Pursuit of Happyness" is good, if not exciting. It doesn't quite fit the morality of the movie, but, eh, getting real doesn't always sell movie tickets.

Nobody's shootin' nobody.

He came to campus here, gave a great talk about how you just have to learn as much as you can and keep your eyes open to opportunities, and keep going even if you are down with little looking good -- and looked out of place. Not black enough for the locals, I think. 60% of our students are taking developmental math or reading. Nearly 100% of the students there were thinking "What's that mean?", I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

P.S. 24 has not been interesting os far, in spite of a nuke attack on Valencia, CA. Imo and momo have started watching Heroes (is that spelled with an e or not?) and taping 24, mostly because NBC was really smart and put all of the first half of the season's episodes on-line for free, and threw in some great comic books to boot, so we didn't have to wade through a bunch of disconnected video, ala "Lost".
Brought to you by Ziploc bags.
Momo likes to watch it because two of the characters speak Japanese. One of them is fake, but the other is a 180 IQ Japanese-American who does perfect accents in both languages. Masi Oka is the guy's name. Look him up. A little weird, but OK, probably. Likely to suck on a shotgun 25 years from now I think, but an interesting life so far.

Kappa no He said...

Stupid "#$%*@#!! This happens occasionally...(read often)... because I am accessing the site from outside the US it will not let me view the video. I even discovered last week that I am unable to get certain audible books from here. And I'm paying for them!

Craig said...

We are trying to watch every single film that got nominatied We just watched 'Little Children" which is a strange, and wonderfull film and "Venus" which is hot sexy film about a 80 year old man and a 23 year old girl...oh no wait I got confused it wansn't hot and sexy it was long and creepy...and not in a good way.

jean said...

I'm looking at MM's photo and not getting the attraction factor!!

'Little Children' was written by a gal on FWC's best friend's brother. We get to hear the play-by-play as he makes the rounds to the Golden Globes, etc. Apparently he stepped on Angelina Jolie's dress at the last show but she was most gracious about it!

Kappa no He said...
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Kappa no He said...

Craig: I am trying to do the same thing but with a lot less to work with. Babel and Little Miss Sunshine haven't even come here yet.

Harold and Maud is one of my favorite movies. I'm afraid that theme probably shouldn't be redone. Talk about creepy! Ha!

Jean: WHAT? Have you not seen that man's chest?! And you obviously haven't seen the Boogie Nights. Ha ha.

I am so going to find that thread and follow it. Jealous, jealous, jealous! I wanna Golden Globe! I would so~ spill a glass of wine in Adrien Brody's lap. 'No, here, let me wipe that up for you.'