Thursday, April 22, 2010

Doggy Raincoat

I think my dog is depressed. It's been raining like mad and we can't go for any decent walks. I've shopped for doggy raincoats, but they're like three hundred bucks. Or more.

And getting wet dog smell out of the carpet is no fun at all, so today we improvised.

Garbage bag. Tape.

At first he was a tad leery.

Then he posed nicely. I could get used to this. Maybe. As long as you keep feeding me those doggy treats.

Realizing he was actually going to get to go for a walky his attitude changed completely. Stop taking pictures already, let's go!

Come on, I can't stand it. I gotta pee!

A complete success! Except for the soaking wet doggy feet.

Next week: doggy galoshes.


Victoria Dixon said...

Hurrah! Saw your tweet and decided, this, I had to see. You crack me up. Good luck with the galoshes. ;D

Kappa no He said...

Victoria! I have to see if I'm following your blog. I just *now* learned about the follow option. I was all old school with the blog roll in the blog itself. I'm helpless with keeping up.

Yeah, quite a doggy foot odor, even now. I think I'll have to use rubber bands.

Benjamin Solah said...

This is clever. Usually you see those photos of dogs dressed up their owners and the dog has this look of extreme resentment in their eyes, but I'm sure you're forgiven in this case.

Tigermama said...

LMAO at his face in the first picture. I like your carpet...Persian?

Tigermama said...
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Hilary said...

Oh those expressive eyes! He looks like Superbeagle! That first shot is just adorable. I guess it's perfectly fine to walk down the street with a crinkly plastic bag in Japan. Here, he might be arrested for.. rustling. ;)

Pat said...

Benjamin brings up a good point - did you wear a garbage bag too?

That Cha is such a trooper - and good looking to boot...maybe some powder would help with the stinky feet?

Kappa no He said...

Benjamin, yeah, he was actually kind of strutting out there in the rain. Look at me! I'm walking in the rain! Luckily though we only used it once. The skies cleared up.

Tigermama, my parents bought us this big throw rug/carpet when they were here. Ours was in bad shape. I really like this one. I've threatened everyone, if the cats puke you have to clean it up and ALSO scrub with soap and water. No one gets that around here.

Hilary, rustling! Indeed! In the end, to his credit, he ripped the thing off at the door and stepped on it before going back inside.

Pat, I got wet actually. Now that you mention it...

I really want to get a matching set (owner and dog) but they're pricy. Or maybe I should learn to sew. There's an idea!

Mary Witzl said...

So where are the galoshes? I'm thinking small freezer bags and twistums.


That is an adorable set of pictures. Congratulations on having such a photogenic and playful dog! I totally buy dogs having feelings--I mean, they pick up on ours, don't they? Great post--thanks for sharing!

laughingwolf said...

lol... happiness is a dry puppy! ;)

Jim Melvin said...

I love dogs. And cats. And most all animals! So cute.

Kappa no He said...

Mary, I think you're a genius. He he he~.

Samuel, I think my dog is better at conveying his feelings that anyone else in this house even.

Laughingwolf, yes, it is. ^ ^

Jim, I agree, I love all (non creeptacular) animals. My next blog was going to be about my third pet, my newts. But I'm going to go for fermented beans first.

Virginia Lee said...

How did I miss this post starring Cha? I'm bereft, I am.

And he is very expresive. One reason I adore him so.

I bet his feets smell like roses. Your nose is likely all messed up from eating stanky fermented soybeans.