Friday, December 15, 2006

Bird Flu

I assumed it was the bird flu that I had picked up from the flight. All coughy and wheezy and phlegmy. I come in and ask my parents for meds. Here you go, try this. Baytussin, cough formula, sure.

Two days of taking it and I don't feel any better. As a matter of fact, I'm dizzy half the time, feeling a bit funky.

Let's take a closer look at that bottle.

It is oddly reassuring to discover this habit of being unable to throw away medicine (foods...anything!) after even twenty years is inherited.

Also: I got my hair cut and on a whim, permed. I've only had my hair permed twice in my life and both times it has just exploded to gawdawful proportions.

This time too.

I get home and ask J what he thinks. After a few minutes recovering from a mild shock, he says, Mom, you got a fro! On further prodding he mumbles, Why can't I get a fro? It seems 'fros' are cool in the fifth grade back home.

Oh, it looks bad now but I know from experience that it will be rock'n'roll cool in about six months to a year. Just you wait and see.

I look not unlike Howard Stern; who, by the way, could have so easily been a Ramone I think. He could have been Joey's brother. Howie Ramone.


Anonymous said...

Drinkin' cough medicine and gettin' a fro. You goin' down to funky town like momo!

Matt D said...

Holy crap. This post made me start laughing so loud my co-worker came to see what I was going on about.

I couldn't grow a fro even if I tried. Except maybe on my face.

Kappa no He said...

Imo: That must be it! 'Dem funky ear worms. Yea...! Tomorrow I'm off to look for that CD collection you mentioned.

Matt: It's all Wolfmother's lead singers fault. I sooo want that 'do'. I just forget I'm twice his age and I don't play guitar. Yowch. It's okay...I'll have a herd of fifth graders thinking I'm cool. Either that or pointing and trying not to pee in their pants.

jean said...

Too funny about the cough medicine! And I can totally picture the 'fro. Your hair definitely had potential to get big, really BIG, and it looks like it saw the chance and went for it!

Hope you're having a great vacation. Say hi to Marie O. for me.

Kappa no He said...

Jean! Hey there! A teen in the eighties, yep, I am a huge admirer of BIG HAIR.

You know what happened? I went and bought real cough meds -- the non drowsy type -- and it almost killed me. I thought my heart was going to shoot through my throat or that I was having an attack of the panic or heart variety. Everyone kept asking me why I was hyper and wouldn't sit still or quit talking. Then I realized this stuff was loaded with caffeine. Like waaay-scary loaded.

Marie O said Hey! I got you an autograph. He he he...

Bk30 said...

I don't get perms cause I look like a french poodle on crack, so with you on that one. But at least your trip is full of memories lol

Kappa no He said...

That might be exactly what I look like, lol. But it was so incredibly lifeless and blah before that I just took the dive.

Anonymous said...

Sorry-not going to make it. Momo's schedule changed, so we're heading out later this week, staying over Christmas, and then coming right back. We won't have any time to take a tour of either the slaughterhouse or the B-52 bomber base. We will also miss the famous Friday night carp fry.