Thursday, June 08, 2006

Likes, dislikes...

Ten likes:
Keith Moon. I can't put my finger on it but watching that man, in interviews, actually playing drums, or just goofing around makes me deliriously happy. Hell, they use to duct tape his headphones to his head! I get close to the same feeling watching Les Claypool and Flea.
Adrien Brody's nose (and the rest of him too). Yes, he has that smarmy thing going for him. But I'll forgive it. I sometimes go for smarmy. Example, Vincent Galo in Buffalo 66 and Lucas Haas in Mars Attacks. Yes...long haired and greasy too. Did you know that Vince and Luke are in a band together called Bunny?
Japanese folklore and the minions of mythical creatures that haunt it. This stuff just blows my mind! Continually.

Kurt Vonnegut. He makes me laugh and cry often times within the same paragraphy! Damn, I want to meet him!
Buddhism. "Life is suffering, suffering is caused by desire, desire can be rooted out, see the Noble Eightfold Path". Pretty much been a Buddhist nut since high school. Much more a philosophy. No guilt, shame, or groveling. I find recently I am drawn more to Tibetan and Shingon, real esoteric, out-there stuff...
Insence. My house is a constant cloud of perfume. I dust often. Even burnt the stuff in me car for a while there. Had to stop because people threw stuff at me and called me a hippy.

Billy Corgan. I love the melodies he writes and the lyrics he puts with them. He also has (is it true the Pumpkins are getting back together?!) the most amazing, and yes good looking, drummer. Jimmy Chamerlain.
The Internet. I was hardly even informed of the Gulf War. My father took videos and played them for me after it ended. Now, I can not only find out what is happening all over the world, I can talk to people who live there as well. Research, news, music, instant messenger...!
Dark chocolate, dark beer, dark humor (is that three?)
Certain "musicals"...Jesus Christ Superstar (especially with Ian Gillan), Rock'n'Roll High School, Hair, This is Spinal Tap.

Ten dislikes:
Crowded trains, and I don't mean crowded by the your normal standards. I mean, you-ain't-getting-me-in-there crowded. I usually forego those. I make funny faces as they pull away, all the people with their faces smashed against the windows. I'd rather be late to work that suffer that. Although I did write a cute little story about an over crowded train, and it sold real fast.
My mother in law.
③ That I must sleep for at least eight hours a night. I sometimes dream (yes, literally) about what I could accomplish if I only needed say, three hours of sleep a night.
This man at my son's karate dojo. He belittles, threatens, and degrades his children; dolling out praise only on rare occasions when they perform outstandingly. Yes, they are amazing athletes but at what a price? Ass!
Housework. I hate that even places you don't purposefully dirty must be cleaned sooner or later...floors, walls, refrigeraters.
Monkey Moms. There is this new breed of women. They are young mothers, super-di-dupper skinny, and fashionable to a degree. They usually have a child or two but they move like they were kids themselves, prefering the inelegant 'pooping squat' to a more graceful kneeling. The amount of underwear revealed is obsene. (And yes, this could be jealousy).
Ben Stiller. I wasn't in the country...but WHY did this man become popular?
Red wine headaches. You'd think I'd learn.
Asbestos. Just recently it was discovered some companies here STILL use asbestos! You can't imagine the outrage. Especially from me. One of the schools J has karate at very hastily tore down its gym and built another. I remember TWO YEARS ago when I would ask everyone, hey, doesn't that stuff look like asbestos and they laughed at me, don't be silly.
Japanese cockroaches. These things are mean, intellegent and vengeful! They aren't only enormous, they friggin fly too! I cannot tell you the number of battles I have had with a gokiburi...and how many battles I have lost as well. Like the time I thought I had killed one, went to get the paper towel only to find it had escaped. Later that night I was working on the computer in a dark room and felt a 'presence'. Odd. No one was supposed to be home. Next, I hear the flap-flap-flap of thick evil wings and then whap! It lands in my hair!! He died a death not unlike that yellow dude on Sin City.


Matt D. said...

This is a great list. I've seen pictures of the Japanese subway systems before, but that picture actually made me laugh out loud.

I like my mother in law, luckily. So yours doesn't like you?

Kappa no He said...

[Thanks for telling me how to fix that. My next big job is to figure out why my html is leaking out all over the place.]

MIL. Oh, we just don't get along. I mean we put up a good front. But deep down we don't jive. She is really awful. The old woman I killed off in that story you read...yep. I was having a bad week with my MIL. All my husband's relatives say that no Japanese girl would have married him (because of her). Father in law though has a heart of gold. I adore him! As a matter of fact, he just came over with a handful of fishcakes, fireworks, and a lollipop. He cracks me up.