Monday, June 05, 2006

Some books...

Some books make me want to BE something.
Krakatoa made me want to go out and study geography, Into Thin Air and I was wishing I could climb mountains and chew wax, then there came South and I was hurting to break ice and eat penquin livers (over flickering seal blubber candle light) with Ernest Shackleton.

Recently, though, I've been reading The Historian and you know what I really, really want to be these days...yep, a vampire hunter! No, more drab. A HISTORIAN! How can a book with so little action make me want to become a dusty old, historian? I don't know. But I figure Elizabeth Kosotava must be one helluva writer to be able to do that. I mean, the fact that I'm still picking up a book that is over six hundred pages long and doesn't involve elves, dwarves or wizards says something about the woman's talent.

Oh, and today the director for our radio show said she had actually tried the eel ice cream. Said you could tell there was something in there, like bones or little pieces of flesh, and also that it came with a little packet of sansho pepper to sprinkle on it. Two thumbs down. Then I learned that I can get squid ink ice cream pretty close to my house. The Fish Center. So I think I'll take my child there and get a stunning picture of his black teeth.


※I saw (for the first time ever!) someone playing Sudoku yesterday. Despite having a Japanese name (it seems it wasn't even invented here) I don't see anyone doing it or talking about it.


Matt D. said...

Holy carp that's revolting.

robeiae said...

I'm an historian. It's fun thinking you can see everything coming...and you can always reinterpret the past to fit your new views...

Nice blog.

Kappa no He said...

matt...I hear it is good for you though!

Robeiae...(first, I debated using "AN" historian. For some reason I used "A"). You are really an historian!? I am in awe. I am going right now to visit your blog.