Friday, June 02, 2006

Bubble Man

A little bummed. I followed something Matt said somewhere (you can tell I'm a writer, I'm so specific) Boing Boing where they talked about Jenna and the AW forums. And that was cool. But they did my ice cream thingy. I thought I was digging pretty deep to find that, evidentally not. So today I'm going to the store and going to find me some scrumdiddlyicious salad ice cream and try it out. I will not be out-Boinged!

Other news, The King of Pop is still in Japan.

Here he is getting the MTV Legend Award. I guess yesterday he rented an entire bookstore, browsed, and ending up buying five boxes full of books. Now, That I am jealous of...can you imagine just going into a bookstore; this and this, and this, oh that over there...tossing them behind you while someone carefully scoops them up and places them in a cart for you. Now that is success, my dear!

More when I find my aisu, アイス. I wonder if Japanese characters show up on this puppy.

It seems you can.

Okay, I have given up on ice cream. Nothing but honestly good looking stuff at the store. Instead, I found Bubble Man, a carbonated soda drink put out by Suntory. What I can't seem to get across to anyone is the sublime meaning behind the commericial. (I cannot find a link intact, darn it.) But basically it is a whole team of Bubble Men shaking --rather vigorously-- their drinks. Did I mention they are holding said drinks near their crotches?

In time the drinks explode sending a shower of foamy soda across the crowd. I blush everytime I see it. I do. I have found that they have a 'rare goods' giveaway for twelve rolls of Bubble Man toilet paper. You know I'm gonna try and get that!

The cool pictures I took of "Space Flavor" and "Play with me" are not uploading and I don't have anymore time to play with it. Maybe tomorrow.

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