Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Michael Jackson in Japan

You know, I was really tempted to go to Tokyo and try and find him. Not that I'm a huge MJ fan. I'm not. Although I'll admit to spending an entire summer driving to and from the beach listening to "Off the Wall". That's about as far as I went. Never did the one glove thing. Never tried to moonwalk. Okay, yes, I tried to moonwalk, once.
The other night the King of Pop attended a party in his honor where he greeted one hundred special guests with a handshake and a smiling "I love you" (I kid you not). One of those in attendence at the party was the drummer from
X Japan, Yoshiki.

Yoshiki tried to sneak off a little after ten pm but Michael had one of his staff stop him stating, "I have something to discuss with that man." Wonder what that was about? He also spent happy/chatty time with these two,

Kano Sisters (I still think they're cyborgs, but more on that later). The article I just read said they went into a special room, just the three of them....ya think?....naaw...
Mr. Jackson ended the night by slipping into a pachinko parlour. Did you know he has his very own pachinko machine? They say it really paid off really well for him and he was very, very excited. And they say those things are fixed...


Matt D. said...

I used to wear the one glove and do the moonwalk. A friend of mine had one of those red jackets. I was so jealous.

Kappa no He said...

No way! I can almost see the tears welling up in Bruce Dickinson's eyes now.

But then again, I used to be in love with the Villiage People. The Cowboy. Had me a big cowboy hat and learned myself how to walk bow-legged there for a while. Yep.

(Those jackets were expensive, too.)