Saturday, August 02, 2008

This Almost Never Happens...

Really, this almost never happens...

(I'm drunk...)

Tonight I ended up at our neighborhood summer festival. Total Karate Kid Two, yea! Taiko drums and disgruntled ninjas. Hot chicks in yukata and children catching cicada in small woven baskets.

And while my junior high school-aged child is hanging with his homies and throwing sidewise glances at the girlies, hubby and I imbibe (they sell beer everywhere in Japan), start talking and imbibe some more. We meet various elderly people who encourage our imbibe-y-ness. Pretty soon it's a party.

Here's Soda saying, Is that a beer?


Earlier today I found an old bucket made entirely of wood.

I found a witch's broom. But no witch.

And you know you're having a good day when you see this:
Weeee...look! Two men taking a weeee off the pier. There mothers must be proud.

Yo! And then came the science fiction. What the...!

And more!!

The child and the husband wandered to ocean to collect water.

Because we were in CSI mode. This summer's science project is testing various water sources. I've already learned my drinking water is slightly dangerous. WTF. Grissom is so going to get a phone call about this.


Mary Witzl said...

I had a shot of tequila the other night and blogged drunk for the first time ever. Boy, was it fun, but I wondered if I too should not have put in a disclaimer. I'm too nervous to go back and check if the spelling is okay and all.

And I remember those summer festivals, wearing yukata and drinking beer with the neighbors! I could never get enough time to relax because my husband was always asking me -- sotto voce -- to translate. Sigh.

Mary Witzl said...

(Forgot to add this!)

We once saw two grown men who appeared to be stone-cold sober 'watering' a corner in a busy intersection in Abiko, in broad daylight. They then shook hands and one of them went in one direction while the other crossed the street and went into a soba restaurant. To this day, I can't figure that out. Why not just hold it for 30 seconds and pee in the shop in a proper toilet? Or maybe there was some sort of ritual going on -- some reason two nicely dressed men in business suits needed to pee together?

Kappa no He said...

Mary, I'm going to go back and see if I can identify which blog is the tequila blog. (^o~)/~ I didn't even consider spelling, grammar, or train of thought either, oh my.

I've known people to be inside a house playing with their kids and to actually get up, put on their shoes and go outside to have their children pee. It's standard here in the inaka. My mother-in-law was always trying to do it with my son. And we have signs all around stating "No Standing and Peeing"/"tachi shonben kinshi". Usually I just laugh at the men, hoping it will embarrass them into better behavior. But once I freaked out on a guy who was peeing on the school fence while the kids were outside running around.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun. Gotta love the neighbourhood festivals, especially in the inaka!

If J is ever ready to move beyond glances, I'm ready to teach him how to go on the offensive. Tell him to give me a mail :p

Shizuoka J

Kappa no He said...

You're going to give me a heart attack J!

womaninawindow said...

As long as you didn't make any water samples after all that beer!

And that picture of that cat! HA! Too much!

I'm having lunch with Grissom. I'll tell him to give you a call later. bye for now.

Kappa no He said...

Ha ha ha! Give Ol' Gil a great big hug and kiss from me.

P.S. I'm buying a water purifier today. Then we're going to redo the tests (no beer!).

laughingwolf said...

lol... s--- happens ;)

sorry, gone for a week

Latin Lupe Lu said...

That summer festival sounds like a great time. My husband loves Japanese beer. For our 10th wedding anniversary we are going to a favorite Japanese restaurant and then going to an Irish Festival.

Kappa no He said...

Laughingwolf, touche'!!

Latin lupe lu, Japanese beer has really grown on me too. Happy 10th wedding anniversary!! Japanese food and then and Irish festival sounds awesome!

Gina said...

Ha ha ha you got drunk eh? So funny! Sounds like you all enjoyed the festival! : )

I love that wooden bucket, it's cool!

And I must say, nothing ever really gets me angry or upset, *however*, I gotta say, (some) Japanese men with their peeing in public stuff! That just makes me so angry! I swear first time I ever, ever came to Japan, my then fiance and I were leaving KIX airport and first thing I saw was a man taking a piss along the bridge. What a first impression! Ha ha ha! Of course I do love Japan, but sheesh! This peeing thing really grates the nerves. And here's the thing I see it happen maybe once a week, where I live in Chiba too. Do they all have bladder infections and they can't hold their pee until they make it to a proper toilet? LOL,j/k. Last month, I saw a guy taking a pee not more then a 1 minute walk from a Mini Stop/conbini. Was it such an emergency he could not just walk the some 30 steps to go in the convienence store? Oh and my nephew the 1st day he was here, when he played in our backyard, he whipped out his private part and was about to start peeing through our fence. I said..."woh woh woh, what are you doing?", he said I am gonna go pee. I said, "is this a toilet?" Go inside please! Ha ha ha. Phew thank goodness he did not pee. Once I was so angry seeing a passerby just nonchlantly taking a pee along the road, I actually honked my car! Hoping it would shame him. But, he was completely unphased! Ha ha ha. Anyway sorry a bit long. You just brought up a good topic!!! : )

Anonymous said...

Those UFO things you saw at the beach are for making breakwaters and artificial reefs. In reality, they're ways the local politicians can pay off the local yakuza who own all the construction companies. That's also why all the phone poles are made of concrete. Wood poles work just fine through most earthquakes, but the pine plantation guys are all rural, with not as much pull through the nokyo as the mob has through the contruction ministry.

Homeownership sucks! I'm in the process of wheelbarrowing 15 tons of dirt to make a back yard. Manual labor is much harder than I remember it to be. The next big task is sanding and painting all the window frames, and then we've got to get rid of the blue paint found everywhere. There must've been a sale on that peculiar sky blue you can see on Momo's Flickr site. Dining room, downstairs bathroom, and laundry/mud room are all that color. The dining room has got to go first. I don't even like walking through it, even after Mommo put up some of out picture in it.

Ello said...

sounds like a great time! But the peeing in public. Blech. The only other thing that grosses me out more is men that blow their nose on the ground. That is so nasty. It makes me want to puke.

Kappa no He said...

Sorry I've been away. We are having the three-day summer festival here...insane. More on that soon.

Gina, the peeing gets to me too. And once I saw a lady pooping. *faints*

Imomo, I have been checking out the pictures. Soooo gorgeous. I'm going to e-mail you soon (both those addresses work, btw) and properly tell you how jealous I am.

Yea the "tetoropo-to" (I think they are called) are pretty cool. I've always like watching them get made, set up, and then be hauled into the ocean.

Ello, I'm telling ya! My Eyuuu factor is quite low.