Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mariah C. Chucks a Ball

I have no interest in this really. But my son thinks it is hilarious.

Ms. Carey is in Japan.


Anonymous said...

How are things going there? "Migration for propagation" is likely. Virtually all Japanese frogs lay their eggs in water, although a couple adhere their eggs to moist leaves. Momo misses the tree frogs during the paddy floods in the spring, so I bought her one of those small carved hollow wooden ones from Thailand. If you run a stick across the ridges on its back, it sounds amazingly like a real one. We're still looking for a house, and Momo is doing the DC commute. Takes her 2 hours to go 35 miles, and she's beat after she gets home. Both of us will be much happier when we get a place closer to work.

Ello said...

Ha! Those shoes killed me and her pathetic throw. Oh lord! I think I have to watch it again! hee hee

Mary Witzl said...

(Ahem.) I throw like that, only worse.

Awful, isn't it? I think it takes away points from my Americanness or something. I've had this condition all my life, too, and boy, have I suffered.

But I don't do that silly little bouncy step or that preening thing with my hands, and I haven't had shoes like that in ages!

Kappa no He said...

Imomo, hey! Oh, yes. The rice fields have been tilled and flooded and the frogs are propagating nicely. You're right. They probably left for a better location. So happy you guys are doing well. I'll e-mail.

Ello, the shoes!

Mary, no way! But hey, at least throwing a baseball isn't a skill called upon much in daily life. Not like my total lack of directional sense.