Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dog and Bear. Bear and Dog. And Frogs.

So much to say. Ran into another nutcase on the train.

I have been taking care of dozens of frogs. They made their homes in the holes in my rail road ties. I go out occasionally and feed them the aphids I've plucked from my rose bushes with chopsticks. But they are gone, mysteriously disappeared and I'm worried.

Many other such trivialities to write about but no time.

I just finished Duma Key by Stephen King. Yesterday I took this picture:

Isn't it creepy the way the stuffed animal is like leaning up against the he's standing there! Like he's posing! (maybe there's a reason the dog is always trying to shred this guy?) This may just be remnant heebie jeebies of the King book. Or not?


Mary Witzl said...

I know what happened, Kappa: that stuffed bear (or whatever it is) did it! I mean, have you seen the anime Bleach with that weird little stuffed lion called Kon in it? I'm betting your guy has a modified soul in it and snuck out to your pond and gobbled up all those baby frogs.

And aren't you going to tell us about the nutcase on the train? I've got a whole series of chikan stories that I really ought to trot out one day.

Kappa no He said...

I ... never ... thought ...

I'm sleeping with my door locked tonight. That little guy might not be satisfied with my wee frogs.

This was actually a relatively 'cute' nutcase. I'll put that story up next! Chikan! I can't wait to read that blog entry. The scum bags!

Hilary said...

Have you checked your rose bushes lately? Maybe they've gone straight to the source.

Love that dog's face.. what a cutie!

And I want to hear about the nutcase too!

Frank Baron said...

I've voting for the heebie jeebies. That bear is just too darn cute and innocent-looking to swell up in the middle of the night to gargantuan proportions and lumber into your bedroom to slake its insatiable desire for the taste of human flesh.

Pretty sure....;)

I don't know what natural enemies frogs may have in Japan but it could be that some bird or critter munched on some of your locals.

Katarina-bakajo said...

My cat has this awful tendency to like to catch and eat things that move especially when they are smaller than him. So if you go looking look out for Himalayan Chocolate Points >.< That bear is cute I want it, I think the dog is giving the camera the evil eye if you look closely. AND LASTLY, Kon from Bleach is really cute as well >.<

Kappa no He said...

Hilary, I'll check! And nutcase story coming soon. Promise.

Frank, I'll sleep well tonight. Thank you.

Kat, we do have lots of cats around here. Could be...! You know I have yet to watch Bleach. I know it is huge and all...I'm so behind the times.