Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Fireworks 花火!


If there was one thing I could show all my friends/relatives back home it would be...a Japanese bar. If there were two things, the first would be a Japanese bar, the second fireworks! Actually, no. Maybe fireworks would come first. It would depend on how thirsty I was and how much of a lush that friend/relative happened to be.

We went to our little city's firework display. In the grand scheme of things it is pretty tiny, but still breathtaking. The pictures below don't do it justice. The colors! The shapes! Smily faces even! I've seen fish, morning glories, and various Pokemon characters. I've heard the real fancy towns have much better ones.

hanabi tate color

hanabi bright

Another thrill about fireworks here is that you aren't kept far away. You can pretty much get as close as you want. The result being, that after a while flaming chunks of debris start to fall on your head. J and his buddy ran around collecting these and we ended up with an entire bag full. Below is the child with a couple of the bigger pieces. They are said to be good luck. I am expecting to win the lottery any day now. I may have to to afford these plane tickets. Yowch!

hanabi kakera

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