Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Because I can't get any pictures to upload, I haven't been able to put up any new blogs. And I've actually have things to talk about, pictures to show! Festivals for the dead, local festivals that last four days, fireworks, and our new killer goldfish -- he has eaten about twenty minows since they all started living together. He's a mean ... ...

Got asked to do a rewrite and also an e-mail from another Ed who wants to hold on to that story until he can find a place for it (next issue, he thinks). Also got a request for a partial for Elastic. But I figure that is just the regular course of things. When they ask for the whole thing...then I'll loose sleep. Right now I'm wishing I'd sent two other stories...Damn!

It's Obon, the whole dead-people-coming-back-to-visit-their-family thang. You're not supposed to kill bugs during this time, you know, just in case they happen to be brief reincarnations of your long lost relative. I ruined a frog the other day. I didn't mean too. Poor little guy. Man, you don't run under the mower, dude.

Wish I could put up pictures. *sniff* Maybe tomorrow.


Matt D. said...

Good luck with Elastic, Mrs. Frog Murderer.

Try They even give you the code you need to paste it into the blog.

Kappa no He said...

I had to totally hide that frog from my son (tossed him in the bushes).

You know what, I have a Flikr account and I've actually used it for this...thank you for the reminder.