Thursday, June 15, 2006

My Newest Obsession: Kazuo Umezu 楳図かずお

I wish I had more time.

Last week I saw this commercial for Oronamin C (great link) and was struck by this seriously disturbing guy. I found out his name is Kazuo Umezu and he writes manga. When I checked out his homepage I discovered how he started the genre Romance Comedy but then made the leap to horror, whacko surrealism and how he also has a band.

I start thinking, I might really like this guy. So I went to the used bookstore and picked up a couple of his comics. The one I started to read was Hebi Shojo. Snake Girl.

I didn't get very far. This is how far I got. Here is the front cover...Hebi Shojo.

This handsome lad goes pheasant hunting with his dog.

His dog freaks. Hey, what is that in the water?!

Oh MY GOD!! GUWA!! (dog gets eaten)

hebi 4

Basically, our handsome fellow returns home thoroughly messed up. He spend three days in his futon just deteriorating. guessed it...he dies (below), a horrible, painful, gruesome death.

hebi dead

The next two frames are as follows, a lovely little grandmother talking to her grandchildren. She's telling them the story, saying it's true and all.

And then their faces. That is when I knew I loved the guy. At least so far.

Here is his postcard for the Year of the Chicken

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