Saturday, June 17, 2006

Killing bugs Eating Food

Wake up. Greasy, messy, still wearing t-shirt I slept in. Throw dog in the car and drive to school. Today is Saturday. All sorts of sports type people there, basketball type people, baseball type people, mom type people. Meet lady. I cannot remember her name. "Are they here?" I ask.

"Yes, over there. They say it will take two hours. They say there are only two of them. They say this year there are only lots of little bugs. The bigs ones haven't come out yet."

"Sounds cool," I say. "Okay, I'll go buy the stuff, come back in an hour, you can go home."

I go to the conbini store, buy two bottles of green tea and two soft cakes with red bean paste smeared inside. I waste time until nine thirty when I drive back to school. The men are in a little truck, large tank on back. They are very very old. Very very cute. The truck is heading my way. I worry they may run me down, rogue foreigner and all.

They stop.

I bow. "You guys are doing a wonderful job. Here." I thrust the bag full of tea and cakes in their direction. They smile and talk about bugs for awhile. I smile and leave.

My PTA duties are done for the day. The school grounds are a little more absent of bugs.

These are World Cup snacks I've bought the last few days. Bread, cookie, chocolate cream inside...

An odd little gelatin pudding combination. Coffee, chocolate, orange and passion fruit. It was not bad.

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