Friday, September 03, 2010

Original Recipe! (needs a name)

Here's how it all happened:

I planted my first real garden this year. It did okay but things didn't grow as big as I'd hoped. The green peppers only get to a certain size before they start turning an awful color and rotting. So I went out the other day and picked a bowl full.

This is how big they are.

Yep, fairly mini, huh?

Here's what I did. I bought some Camembert cheese. I just love the stuff.

Then after washing and cleaning out the insides of the peppers, I stuffed them full of soft cheese.

Next I made up some meat. Salt, pepper, (my all time favorite food) garlic. I even used a package of dried tomato soup. Mix, mix, mix. You can see where this is going, right?

My goal was to completely cover the tiny green peppers in meat and call the new recipe Double Double Surprise, or something else equally clever (ahem). But after wrapping a couple I realized I was running short on meat. So I cut my losses.

I capped the cheese.

Making in effect a pan full of meat and green pepper ice cream cones.

Then I browned them.

And because everything is better with tomato sauce, I added a couple cans of that. Salt, pepper.

Boil, boil, boil.

I had a little Camembert cheese left that the cat didn't eat (...while I was watering the grass. Cat!), so I broke it off and dropped the pieces on top. It kind of melted.

And here is the finished creation. Both child and husband commended me (I'm still on probation after a failed sugar cookie experiment) and said I was allowed to make it again.

Now if I an just get my garden to pump out another harvest of mini green peppers.

ETA: My husband just told me the last photo should be retaken because it looks like I'd taken a bite and then shot the pic. I told him I used a spoon to break a piece away. He insisted it would look better cut in half, straight across, and both halves showing. Humph.


Mari said...

How nice it is!
I will also try your recipe.
And, I know that your mouth is small and lovely.

Kappa no He said...

Mari, thank you so much for the comment. You are too kind ^^. I actually woofed down those cheesy/green pepper/meat things.

Gabriel Novo said...

"a pan full of meat and green pepper ice cream cones"

How can you NOT want to eat a dish described like this? I can only imagine the orgasmic deliciousness that was Camembert, green pepper and meat. You are horrible (in a good way) for showing us all the yummy foods you make.

Kappa no He said...

He, he, he, you bring the Mrs. over some day and I'll make us all some. Oh, and a whole lot more.

Mary Witzl said...

That looks great and I'll bet it was a lot less fiddly this way than stuffing the meat into the peppers!

You and I have similar cooking styles. I'm 89% seat-of-my-pants when it comes to thinking up new stuff. I always have to lie and tell the kids I found it in a recipe book or they're deeply suspicious.

robin said...

Ha ha! I've been forbidden from remaking certain failed experiments before.

This looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

The dogs chewed the okra and peppers, stomped the beans and leeks, and chased the bees away from the squash, so we've only gotten one from 4 plants. They've left the cucumbers and tomatoes alone this year, which is a little odd since Yak liked to chew on the cukes last year.
I'm getting a fence next year!


Kappa no He said...

Mary, oh, but when you really succeed at a made-up recipe don't you have a hard time convincing them it wasn't actually from a cookbook? "No, REALLY I made it up myself!"

Robin, last week I was making sugar cookies from scratch (didn't even look on the Internet), and boy did I screw up. By Friday my son was begging me to give up. But I finally nailed the recipe. Of course, I forgot to write down what I did so...

Imomomo, I love your dogs so much! Even if they stomp beans, chew okra and chase bees. Even if they snack on cukes occasionally. I'm looking forward to seeing how they outwit the fence!

Anonymous said...

Check the email address that I know. It's a MILLION DOLLAR IDEA!!!!!! Just from watching TVJapan for a couple of hours. Holy cow! Japanese TV is actually much worse than I remember! Here's a chance to improve it.

Love you,

Pat said...

Terrie, I totally admire your success in cooking by the seat of your pants - in a manner of speaking, of course, since most all of my efforts have resulted in miserable failures. My kids always loved Taco Bell...

Kappa no He said...

Imomomo, I got your mail. I'm going to write back soon. (I just drank an Okinawan cocktail and am suddenly very sleepy) I think it's a great idea! And yep, it's bad, bad, bad. I can barely stand to be in the same room when my husband has it on.

Pat, I so should have blog that sugar cookie adventure. Talk about failure. I wish we had a Taco Bell around here. Comfort food!

Hilary said...

Oh Terrie, this looks delicious. I meant to tell you that on the day you posted but I think your blog was having comment issues. Fickle thing. I love peppers and this sounds like it might be a way to get Frank to like them too. ;)

Kappa no He said...

Hilary! Thanks for the heads up e-mail. You were right, the blog's comments had been disabled. I do stuff like this to get my mom to try them. Although she'd probably eat around them.