Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kasou Taishou

Tonight one of my favorite Japanese TV programs is on, Kasou Taishou. Imagine the Gong Show with a bit more talent. And no gong. Oh, and add Bunny Girls.

It's only broadcast twice a year and I only manage to catch the January version.

Looks like this:


Hilary said...

Wow.. those are pretty amazing. I can see why you're anxious to see it if it's only broadcast twice a year. These are some very creative people. I love that reflection one. You could call it "Kasou on the Flip Slide" ;)

Pat said...

Wow is right! Such talent! I do remember one Gong Show skit that cracked me up - it was a lady wrestling with a paper back on her head and shouting, "Somebody get this bag off my head!"

Guess ya had to be there...