Thursday, November 15, 2007

AW Chain Number Twelve

Kate over at Finding Brodie wrote a perfectly hilarious post about writing and why people do it. She talked of sadistic editors and masochistic writers, about how despite low income, a potential for alcoholism and probable depression writers still gotta write.

So while I agree, I thought I'd flip the coin and talk about my own personal demon, why I don't write.

The house has to be clean, the dog walked, and the dishes washed. I usually vacuum, shower, and hang out laundry as well. It's like some great routine that starts the moment my family leaves the house in the morning and lasts up to two hours. Eventually though it does get finished and I can sit down at the computer. However, invariably the phone rings, a cat meows, or an e-mail falls into the box. Yesterday's interruptions included a man going door to door selling bread out of the back of his truck, a nap, and a woman on the phone wanting to sell me underwear -- she said she'd bring it to my house if I was interested.

It's always something.

I find it takes a different kind of concentration to write. When studying I read, jot down notes, re- read. But with writing I mull stuff over, I have that all-powerful 'What If...' forever nipping at my thoughts and steering me into new directions. I hit walls and come back. But what really amazes me is how when things get tough my mind will forever find some errand to save me from the task at hand, did I feed the newts? open the upstairs windows? water the flowers?

Like just now, I look over and see that the dog has climbed the cat tower and is trying to get my attention. Awwww. So I have to find the camera, take a picture, upload it, resize it...

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Virginia Lee said...

First! ! ! ! !


Terrie, I had to enlarge your lovely dawg on the cat tree so Miss Mama could see him and we both agree that we LOVE him madly. When I come to Japan one day on a book tour and I come visit you, check my bag when I leave because I'll be wanting to dawgnap him!

Now we want more kitty porn.

I too have to have a clean house with all the dishes done and the floor vacuumed before I can write. I can hide the laundry in the utility closet so it doesn't bug me.

Lovely way to end the chain, hon. XOXO

Kappa no He said...

Give Mama a big hug and kiss for me and a nice long, wet lick on the cheek from Cha Cha. He's thrilled he has fans.

I got tons of good kitty pics. I'll work them into blogs. Ha ha.

And yes, do visit when you come! Cha Cha and I will show you around the town and Whiskey and Soda will curl up in your purse and coat.

Bk30 said...

Wow, at least your excuses have some meaning. "Uncle Jim" would kick me for how little B.I.C. I've been doing lately.

Kappa no He said...

I'm not sure about that...checking to make sure the refrigerator light is still working might get me a butt whipping too.

Kathleen Frassrand said...

First, your dog is most certainly adorable. Anything THAT cute is a worthy distraction. So your safe there. LOL

I can so relate to the distractions. It is absolutely amazing what I can find to occupy my time. Especially when I really want to write. I'm pretty sure it is a defense mechanism (at least in my case).

Anyway - great post! And a great end to the blog chain. It was fun!

Kate Boddie said...

I love your dog! How cute is he! I can defiantely relate on the doggie distractions. Mine has a tendency to whack me with his chew and attempt to eat my notebook while I'm writing in it. I think we can all relate to procrastination adn distractions when it comes to writing. Whatever you do, DON'T get Treasures of the Deep. It's a computer game that's just as addicting as Tetris. But I just can't get away! Great post!

Kappa no He said...

Kathleen: Yea, I think he waits until I'm quiet and slightly concentrated to try out some of his cuter moves.

Kate: I get whacked too! Amazing how they can fling those things just right. Now I'm going to go Google Treasures of the Deep...lord, help me...

Joanna Sandsmark said...

Excellent post full of truth. Although I don't clean to avoid (I do other things to avoid cleaning. I'll even write to avoid cleaning) I have other behaviors that are just as effective. I always marvel at those writers who talk about a set schedule that they adhere to with dogged enthusiasm (had to work the dog in there cuz he's such a cutie). I can only admire them.

Kappa no He said...

Me too! But I like your twist...write to avoid cleaning. I think that may just be the key.