Monday, April 16, 2007

Oh, man

After nine straight hours of impressively hard drinking it is safe to assume I was still somewhat inebriated when the following day I removed my construction paper-thin memory card from my mobile phone -- because I just couldn't wait to see what kind of pictures resulted from the previous night's somewhat blacked out festivities -- and shoved it into the side of my laptop. Of course it didn't fit. It was much too small. But it did get stuck. All efforts and fancy tooth pick and tape wielding resulted in naught. Actually all it managed to do was push the darned thing in farther.

I had some friends coming over and I was almost ready to freak out so I decided to light a candle under one of those aroma therapy bowl thingys. You know the ones where you add water and your own oils. I had bought some expensive amber oil and felt that would do the trick. That would mellow me out, steady these hands, and quiet the nerves enough for me to retrieve my card before company. In trying to remove the plastic cork thing with my teeth I got a mouth full of amber oil and my tongue went numb.

Under normal circumstances I would have cursed and hit things, cried a little maybe. But I have so few living brain cells right now that most it was all mildly amusing.

I spent the rest of the evening and an hour or two the next day trying to get that sneaky little card out of my computer. I could just leave it. But the rotten thing was 4 giga several hundred bucks!

I mean, I was really looking forward to those pictures and blogging about good food, good drink, good friends, a couple hos, even more ganstas, some rowdy expats and a fight.

So today I take the computer into the shop and explain that "somehow" the tiny card got put in there without an adapter. They just couldn't believe it. No one is that stupid. Everyone took their turn trying to get it out. Impossible was the verdict. We're really gonna have to send this in, and it'll be expensive. How much? Well, since they'll have to take the computer apart, what, two hundred, three hundred dollars? Crap. Just one more time, could you, pleeease.

So like some kind of Super Electronic Genius Man he rolled up both sleeves and went for it. Two seconds later WING! The card comes flying out and hit him in the eye. I let out a scream that brought store clerks from the warehouse out and I danced a jig until they all went running back. I bowed, I thanked, I kissed Super Electronic Genius Man's loafers.

So as soon as I get them pictures onto the computer....


Brian said...


I did the same thing with an SD card an a universal card adapter. With 7 different slots and a clear indicators of what card goes into what slot, I still managed to screw it up.

That paragraph sounds oddly-sexual. I'm stopping now.

Pat said...

That cracked me up, Kappa! I've done the same thing with an XD card, but I was sober so I have no excuse. What were you doing, drinking for 9 hours straight?

jean said...

What party were you at and why wasn't I invited?!? :)

There is NOTHING as sexy as a computer geek who can fix what ails you. Baby!

Kappa no He said...

Brian: God, I'm glad it isn't just me. Speaking of sexual wait till you hear what my mission was all night!

Pat: Yay, another one. The look that guy gave me was priceless. You did what? Did I say me? I meant my two-year old.


Jean:It was a mini bash for our director at the radio show. We aren't using her anymore, sadly. A kinda Otsukaresama-kai. I considered baking a cheesecake and taking it in for him. My mom does that for people who help her out. But it would most likely inconvience them more than anything. Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

What's your summer schedule? There's an increasing chance that I'll be in country in August. What with my Canuck and Paki buddies both ready for a road trip along the Nihon Kai, we might need a translator that's not married to any of us.

Kappa no He said...