Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Rinin shiki

Today was rinin shiki at J's school. School ended March 20th. But not really.

Smack dab in the middle of the kids' three week spring break is rinin shiki. I'm not exactly sure what goes on but from what I gather they meet back in their last year's class with their last year's teacher and anyone who has not finished the homework, schoolwork, and tests hands that all in. Next, they march to the gym where some sort of ceremony takes place and it is announced which teachers are being transferred to which schools. Here teachers don't just remain at the school they wish to teach in. Every year from each school dozens of unsuspecting sensei are moved around all over the city -- all at somebodies whim. I'm not sure who that somebody is. Probably the same person who shuffles around all the city office jobs every April.

After the kids get back to their classrooms next year's (starting next week) classes are announced. In J's school there will be three sixth grade classes so while they won't learn their teacher until school starts back up on April 5th, they do learn who will be in their class. It's kind of well known that best friends who don't necessarily study a lot get separated. I'm sure my son and his cronies really sweated it out there. However, J was lucky and ended up with two of them in his class next year. Now, we are just praying for a good teacher (don't get me started on his fourth grade teacher). So today is officially the last day of fifth grade, I guess. And it ended with a bang. But before I tell you that story I have to tell you this one:

I visited my friend's house once and she had something like a screw laying on her table. I asked what it was and she said her son had picked it up on the way home from school and told her not to throw it away. I was immediately relieved. I have bags full of this stuff myself. I must admit...a lot of it has been tossed. But here is a sample of some things that he had hidden around the house, things retrieved on his way home from school:

I couldn't find the lens from someone's glasses or the broken bolt that was as big around as my forearm. But stuff like that gets collected too. In the hot months it is more than likely he will pull a praying mantis from one of his pockets or occasionally the vile full of tadpoles; oh, and once I was introduced to a half dozen dragonfly naiads. They were cool and under his tutelage actually became dragonflies.

Then there was this day.

Let's just say, he was a very lucky boy that mom didn't thrust her hand into his pockets that day. That little cutie actually hangs from the curtain in the kitchen and I dangle stuff on it. It's become very useful.

But after an entire year of cleaning the streets, I must say that today he brought home the piece de resistance.

A manikin head.

He said it was being thrown away by his teacher and when asked if any of the children wanted it they all eyu'd and said it was waaaay to scary. J was actually beaming, 'Can you believe no one wanted this!'

We're going camping this weekend, taking two of his friends. He said he is going to bring the head and spear it with a stick and keep it outside their tent to keep evil away. I'm like, so is this how Vlad Tepes started?

Dog says, Good stuff!

※Edit: I wrote that yesterday but since then we have scared the crap out of my husband, a couple kids and J's grandfather.


Pat said...

Too funny! Isn't boy behavior amazing?

Interesting about his school. Will he go all summer?

Bk30 said...

So boys bringing home junk is universal then? Thank dog! My older two would collect sticks and rocks. My youngest, sometimes scares the crap out of me! lol

Anonymous said...

When I shared a house with three beautiful babes in Madison, Wisc in the late 70s, we found a treasure trove in the attic. Among the gay porn and 1950s bowling shirts, et al, there were these two white plastic wig heads that looked much like yours but without any paint. It was the middle of winter, and my flower pots on the front steps were empty, so I planted the heads in them. All three of my housemates said exactly the same thing when they got home that day -"They're really creepy!" Sure enough, the student newspaper had a picture of them on their front page the next day. I removed them, not wanting the publicity for various reasons.

Kappa no He said...

Pat: Yes, it is! They get exactly one month off for summer. I remember being bored out of my skull during the summer months back home. Here the kids are busy!

Bk: OMG, that's right you have three to contend with. I don't even want to imagine what three boy's could carry home. Lol.

Imomo: Hey, I never heard about the babes! But are you trying to tell me he won't outgrow this? Ha ha. Flower pots, eh? Now, there's an idea. Right now she is wearing a helmut and sitting on a table in the foyer awaiting our next unsuspecting visitor I suppose.

Looks like survival camp this weekend. It is pouring rain! I don't mind camping in the rain. I just hate setting UP camp in the rain.

jean said...

I thought you had promised no more 'doll posts'!!!!! (That's pretty freaky scary actually -- hope it got 'accidentally' forgotten at the campsite...)

What about those plastic BB pellets? I must have thrown out hundreds that were enthusiastically collected on the way home from kindergarten. I wonder if my daughter will also bring home 'treasures'? Someone I think not...

Kappa no He said...

Yipes, that was another doll post wasn't it? Well, she didn't make it to camp -- no room in the car --much to the chagrin of the kids. She is still standing (?) guard in our genkan and her hats change daily.

Totally forgot about the BBs! I think you'll be safe with the little one!