Sunday, January 14, 2007



Yesterday was a really good day. It started off with me prying a small package from my mailbox--odd--turning it over in my hands to check the return address I gasped...He Wrote!

Last October Chuck Palahniuk promised to answer anyone and everyone who sent him a letter during that month. Not only a really sweet, personable letter but everyone also recieved a small box loaded with goodies.

Here is a picture of just a couple of the things in the box: carrot seeds, pop rocks, my Power Goldfish, and yes...a severed finger.

What a generous, amazing man. Oh yea, and he can write a story that will stop your heart too!


Bk30 said...

Now there is a man who loves his work and his fans LOL.

Kappa no He said...

I hear ya, and it isn't like he isn't busy either. I'm still in awe.

Daily I have to fight off family members (and family animals) from getting into the box.

Brian said...

That is the coolest shit! I'd heard that he was going to do that, but I was a bit too in-awe at the time and couldn't think of anything to write.

Now, it has me thinking of the things other writers might send were they so inclined. Walt Whitman? Sylvia Plath? Gabriel Garcia Marquez? I'd probably want to see Hunter S. Thompson's the most. A grapefruit? A bar of Neutrogena soap? Amyl Nitrate?

Alas, I shall never know...

Julia Temlyn said...

That is so neat! What a surprise! And what a nice guy-- fame hasn't gone to his head! :o)