Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I am in no fine mood.

This coffee that came in bean form and cost too much tastes...watery.

Yesterday we had a 'ghost in the machine' at the radio station and that was cool. On air when suddenly this high pitch squeal lets loose. Happened twice. Why is it so fun to believe in ghosts? So sad to learn it was just a short in one of the monitors.

Today I met again that lady who habitually relieves herself on the side of the road. She was nice to me though. She spoke kindly and used polite Japanese even. Then I was angry at me for not liking her.

I found a market I wanted to send something too and then saw that they only take mss during the month of September. Damn! I hurried and readied my stuff and went to take it to the post office. Upon opening my front door I found a woman there! Like I actually hit her with the door when I opened it. We both screamed and jumped. I suppose she wanted to sell me something. She was hurrying down the street pretty fast.


So tomorrow we will learn about calvary games and why my son and his best friend are dressed like this.


Bk30 said...

LOL, but such a cute old woman he makes..I hope that was what he's supposed to be..

Anonymous said...

I want to be friends with the lady who poops out in the open.

Laurie said...

I would have screamed, too.

But then, I scream at the geckos and the cockroaches and the spiders and the one inch frogs in the bathroom...