Friday, July 14, 2006

Eddy and Pumkins and Apples

Music stuffs.

I had no idea how it worked until today! As they say here, me kara uroko (目から鱗) or it's like having the scales fall from your eyes.

Okay, last week I got a mail on my cell phone that Iron Maiden was coming to Japan. It was set. I was like, cool. I checked their homepage. Nothing there for Japan. Hmm. Then in a flurry of mails back and forth I finally figured it out. Or more correctly, was told in a round about way.

The promoter has booked three dates: October 25th in Tokyo (Budokan), 26th in Hiroshima, and the 30th in Osaka. That's it, three dates in the middle of the friggin week! Oh, I bitched and I moaned but then my friend told me not to worry. What they do is see if these sell and how fast. If they can sell out a show in the middle of the week in Tokyo (where obviously people from far away can't easily come) then they KNOW they could also sell couple of weekend dates for all the distant folk like me. But we don't KNOW if they'll sell all those tickets or not. So either buy the Wednesday ticket and take a day off work or pray they announce more dates before long.
I'm thinking, it's Iron Maiden. It's Japan, full of Japanese who LOVE heavy metal right? They are most assuredly selling out those three dates. Well, I'm banking on it.

Also. Smashing Pumpkins is back together and recording!! (breathe..breathe...breathe...)

And finally this coming Tuesday is Coldplay. Yep, take the kid out of school early and head on up to Tokyo. My husband will already be there for a meeting earlier that day so if I don't get horribly lost then we'll meet up with him and get to see the show. I'm so excited. I'm sorry but much more excited than I was for Whitesnake last month. Sorry Tommy!

It's beginning to thunder and lightening...turning off the 'puter. No pics. Sniff.

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